early snow at Stolley Park, Spencer IA, Oct. 2009

early snow at Stolley Park, Spencer IA, Oct. 2009

Need something else to think about besides moving all the snow that’s accumulating?  Here’s information from Bruce Morrison’s Prairie Hill Farm Studio blog.  I’ve added some links which I hope will help folks decide to participate.  Sat., Feb. 20, 2010, should be an exciting, rewarding day for all attendees.

“In February a public workshop titled “Midwinter Thaw” is being sponsored by Iowa Lakes Resource Conservation & Development (RC&D), Palo Alto County Conservation Board, O’Brien County Conservation Board, and Clay County Conservation Board. This is a workshop open to the public and its goal is to encourage more people to get outside and become involved in nature during the winter.

“The announcement for this winter photography workshop reads in-part that there is a dramatic upswing in wildlife and nature viewing locally and throughout the country, and that nature photography is often the next step for many people as they become interested in our natural resources.

“The number of people interested in learning about taking good nature photos is growing. Topics like picking out the right camera equipment and its proper use, and marketing and selling your work will all be covered in the Nature Photography Workshop.

“There will be four professional photographers presenting at the workshop:

Don Poggensee of Ida Grove, Stan Buman from Carroll, Dan Ruf from Spirit Lake, and me, Bruce Morrison, from rural Hartley. All are from the northwest Iowa area and each has had much experience in this field. These photographers will provide insight into how they achieve success in nature photography.

“The program is also highlighting the Watchable Wildlife website and project that will eventually include 13 counties in NW Iowa.

“The workshop will be held at the Emmetsburg Iowa Lakes Community College campus on Saturday, February 20th. There will be a $20 registration fee to cover presenter expenses and lunch. Registration is required so plans can be made for food and materials.

“To register or ask questions about the workshop contact the Iowa Lakes RC&D office at 712-262-2083.

“My part in the workshop will be to emphasize the beginning aspects, equipment and field techniques. Something to think about or check out in February!”

If you’re near NW Iowa and interested in photography, I encourage you to seriously consider making time to soak in the knowledge these amazing artists will share.  I hope to see you there!

Even if you can’t attend the workshop, the four artist Web sites should help you while away some of these wintry hours!  Enjoy!